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Wondering how anytron machines are operating?


Anytron says their machines are easy to operate but you want to see how easy it is?

Send us your design file and send us any details that need to input in the label, we will print or cut in front of you.
You just bring your smart device and send us request. Also we can send you samples to your office.
Please request online demo with us now and we will contact you shortly to arrange schedule for online demo.


“Due to rapidly increasing sales and the launch of our designated label website, we felt that it was time to invest in equipment which could reduce lead times.  After some research we discovered Anytron, BITEK TECHNOLOGY, and we decided that their equipment was the perfect fit for us. The size of the machine is favorable; it is very compact compared to other laser cutting machines and has helped us save both space and cost. Additionally, we don’t need off-line lamination and slitting machines for post-process because any-CUT III has it all – laminating, slitting and a dual rewinder. We are now able to offer our customers small quantity labels with a short delivery time thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment that we purchased from Anytron.”


– Mr. Martin Kemp, Managing Director of J&A (International) Limited

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