Features & Benefits

Making folding carton can be made without retooling

Without retooling and stock holding for the die, the label and carton can be made on demand and to any size. In the conversion of the paperboard die-cutting and creasing operations are usually performed simultaneously in the flat-bed die-cutting station.

Impressive precision registration allows the user to cut high-quality labels quickly

any-PACK senses the black-mark up to 4 points to provide reliable registration and avoid any synchronization issues. And it can produce short-run job for in-house use or deliveries with short lead times.

Multi-functional Digital Cutter that can be quickly changed to adapt to different materials.

any-PACK is equipped with various kinds of cutting and impressing blades and can be used in the cutting and impressing of many materials such as cardboard, kraft paper, plastic board, rubber sheet and film etc. It helps you save time while reducing the cost and is able to make small quantity folding carton and labels.


Cutting engine

  • Type : Flatbed XY Knife Cutter
  • Cutting area : 570 mm x 860 mm
  • Blade : 2 Blades (Creasing & blade types)

Cutting depth

  • ≤0.9mm

Machining accuracy

  • Below ± 0.2 mm


  • anytron EasyCut


  • 1,100 mm(W) x 800 mm(D) x 1,100 mm(H)


  • 100 ~ 240 VAC, 50/60Hz