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any-PACK On-demand Flexible Packaging Printing

Any-PACK is an innovative solution for short-run jobs in small office spaces that make it highly productive and cost-effective digital labels and flexible packaging printing. The digital laser printer is water, temperature and abrasion resistant. Using high-capacity toners and drums, high-resolution pouches can be produced at reasonable prices. Thanks to the LED toner printing technology, any-PACK can print on paper such  Kraft without smudging, creating an echo-friendly pouches.


1.On-demand flexible packaging printing

Usually ‘Conventional (Gravure,flexo etc.)’ printing has MOQ.  For example, someone need only 500 pouches, but MOQ is more than 60,000. Then he should purchase 60,000 and use only 500. The rest is waste. Also, lead time is more than a week.


2.Variable data Printing

‘Food packaging’ needs to remark ‘Supplement Facts’ for every products. With any-RIP software, user can print variable data per every pouch like ‘supplement facts’, ‘expiration data’, etc.


3.High durability (Water, Scratch, Chemical resistance)

Usually, most of food products need to keep them in refrigerator. And there are so many moisture during refrigerator-chain. Usually ink-jet printing will be blur. So they need to extra coating. But ‘any-PACK’ is laser toner technology. No need to extra lamination coating. It’s means convenience and low cost (No need to purchasing lamination film). Its has ‘water resistance’ property.


Solution consist of


*R2R laminator and vertical filler are option


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Two functions in One printer

The any-PACK solution offers an on-demand label printing and flexible packing printing for small/medium business owners. You can print full color flexible packaging and print and put a label on it. There are the two ways to stand out your products.


No need for making plate

Traditional printing methods require plate fees and high minimums for each SKU. However, the digital printing process doesn’t require plates, which means zero setup fees and more flexibility.


Variable data printing at a time

The key difference between digital printing and conventional printing is the ability to print unique text and graphics on each and every pouch. Marketing campaigns can be linked to web content to acquire graphically rich and diverse imagery for product perfection.


Take your new packaging in a day

No more high cost printing and long delivery times. Digital printing gives brands the ability to print to demand and place low minimum orders, drastically reducing costs, excess inventory and obsolete packaging. You shouldn’t have to wait 6-8 weeks for your packaging.


Various packaging materials

The any-PACK for digital flexible packaging supports both Kraft media and Flexible film, Packaging that requires eco-friendly paper such as organic products and coffee is also possible.

any-PACK does not require a large space. It can be installed in small spaces such as offices and can print out packaging on-demand. The any-PACK includes the any-RIP software to get the best color management  and Variable data printing (numbering, barcode and QR code)
The digital laser printer engine can print on packages with excellent water resistance, heat/cold resistance and abrasion resistance. Wide variety of printable materials such as paper and flexible package etc.
any-PACK is to fit the short –middle run jobs for the packaging industry and in-house packaging printing. No need to spend on high cost for printing and long delivery times. You can make the packaging within an hour at an affordable price.
The operation  is easy and simple.No professional operators are needed for printing which will lead to reduce labor costs. With a one-day training, anyone can easily become an expert of any-002. The operation  is easy and simple. No professional operators are needed for printing which will lead to reduce labor costs. With a one-day training, anyone can easily become an expert of any-002.