any-BLADE knife die-cutter

All-in-one digital die-cutter with auto job changeover


any-BLADE, Digital blade label finisher, made by anytron are the best solution for whom needs their own labels customized, small amount, immediately.

any-BLADE is a roll-to-roll flatbed knife die-cutting system, support one-stop solution of laminating, die-cutting, removing waste, and slitting customized labels in one production.

With multi gantry speeds up for higher time and cost efficiency. It automatically scans multiple registration marks to adjust the cut file for result accuracy, it is easy to set up and operate. It cuts various shapes at once, which leads cost saving and customer satisfaction.

Features & Benefits

Easy operation

No need for a professional engineer


Laminating, die-cutting, removing waste, slitting, 2nd rewinder

Short set-up time

Short-lead time and set-up time

Upper quality

High customer’s satisfaction

Affordable price

Competitive price than others with better machine specification

Office usable size

It can be installed in an office.

Why Any Blade is the One Appliance Businesses Need?

anytron is known is be a pioneer when it comes to the advent of smart digital printers. It has been able to provide instant job repeatability and a reduced time to the market. The best part is that it facilitates the clients with just in time production. One of the prominent products, a knife cutter application is an-BLADE that has made its mark in a short time. It can efficiently do blank cut and split cut in addition to cut and creasing. Not to mention high stability, high accuracy and high speed are all that make it a desirable product for many businesses related to label and carton boxes.

Digital Knife Die-Cutting: Short Run Job Label Die-Cutter

According to label cutter case study done regarding digital die cutting, in order to cut the shapes that you desire, there has to be a generic software that is familiar with all designs and according to the industry standard.
With the help of latest print technology, you can use classic colour copy so that you do not face any critical issues.
With the help of a digital die-cutter, you can form any shape, vector or otherwise. The best part is that you can also cut any form of substrates like vinyl, reflective media, and other laminated materials. These unique shapes will be one of a kind and you might not have witnessed this cost-effective price and speed ever before. With top of the line repeatability and accuracy, you can perform cuttings as and when you desire.

Use of any-Blade for Label Printing

any-Blade is a great label die-cutter that helps in providing quality labels in few minutes. This is the perfect choice for producing labels in fewer quantities. Since the labels were produced in small quantities and for test marketing, it was possible to save the design in the history. This made it possible to load the design again without any trouble.
Moreover, it reduced the stock cost as the labels were produced in small quantities. This also decreased the wastage of labels. Moreover, the production cost was reduced as there were accurate cut labels with no extra cost. The time spent in die-cutting was also reduced allowing timely delivery.

3 Reasons Why You should choose any-BLADE

  • 1. Auto job changeover
    Auto job changeover enables multi-jobs printed on one roll by reading a barcode of each job, which automatically changes cutting data without any involvements of user.
  • 2. Various cutting fucntions – Split cut, blank cut and cut&creasing
  • 3. Superior accuracy by flat bed engine
    Accurate cutting is possible using flat-bed type engine.
    It enables to cut high accuracy curve line and guarantee great straightness compared with grit-rolling type engine.
Download why any-BLADE


Cutting engine

  • Type : Flatbed XY knife cutter
  • Cutting area : 550 mm x 350 mm

Machining accuracy

  • Below ± 0.2 mm

Max roll size

  • Max. Roll width : 350 mm / Max. Roll diameter : 350 mm
  • Max. Laminating roll width : 350 mm / Max. Laminating roll diameter : 250 mm


  • Max. 7knives
  • Min. slitting width : 37 mm

Max. Rewinder diameter

  • Max. rewinder diameter : 350 mm

Cutting type

  • Stop-and-go


  • anytron EasyCut


  • 2000mm(W) x 910 mm(D) x 1170 mm(H)


  • 100 ~ 240 VAC

Multi Gantry digital label die-cutting System has more than two(2) Gantries move in synchronization with each other. Most conventional flatbed digital knife die-cutters have disadvantages, slow and less productive for operating with 1 Gantry. Bitek Technology developed the world’s first Multi Gantry digital label die-cutting System to complete the existing disadvantages, applied to anytron product, any-BLADE. Two gantries improve speed and productivity, the cutting precision is the same as when using 1 Gantry. It is designed to be possible to operate one gantry only, when necessary.

The cutting speed depends on the cutting line. Digital label die-cutter, any-BLADE, is different from existing analog equipment, using press or rotary cutting method, Carriage and Gantry move in x and y direction. Therefore, the cutting speed is determined by the shape(length) of the cutting line. For example, a cutting line having a simple shape such as a rectangle or a circle may have a higher cutting speed than a cutting line such as a star, flower, or character having a somewhat complicated shape.
It takes 40 seconds when you cut 24 pcs of 80 x 80 mm rectangle, laying 4 pcs in a row.

The quantity of labels that can be produced per day depends on the cutting line as in item 2 above. In the case of the 80mm x 80mm rectangle written above, about 10,000 labels can be produced in 5 hours a day. You can run any-BLADE 8 hours in a row a day because no intervention is needed in the middle, when you set up. It can produce about 17,000 labels in 8 hours a day and can produce about 380,000 labels in a month. Since the yield is based on a 80 x 80 mm rectangle, it will increase as the size of the label decreases. For example, a 40mm x 40mm label can produce 34,000 labels in 8hours a day, about 750,000 labels in a month.

You can cut mainly well-used label media, such as paper, PP, PET, PE.

It is possible to make a full cut up to 0.9 mm thickness, which means it’s available to cut media commonly used in packaging.

In order to perform the cutting operation, the data of the cutting line must be transmitted to the equipment. Software is required to perform this role. Any-BLADE dedicated software loads the cutting line and sends it to the equipment, can control settings such as whether to use black mark, speed, pressure, offset and so on. The file should be ai (adobe illustrator) format to operate.

It is possible. If the IP address of the any-BLADE device is given to the network environment through the router, you can use the device through the network.

The cutting accuracy means the cut is made exactly in the intended area, and the cutting error of any-BLADE is 0.2 mm, maximum. In case of other companies’ equipment, the cutting precision may be lowered because the media moves to perform the cutting operation. However, since the cutting operation is performed while the media is fixed, any-BLADE is relatively more accurate than the other cutting method can be. In addition, it maintains high cutting accuracy because it senses and confirms four eye marks before starts cutting.

any-BLADE has consumable such as knife blade, blade holder, cutting pad, and slitting knife. Replacement cycles of blade holder and cutting pad are relatively long and can be used for more than one year. In case of knife blades, it depends on the media to cut. For example, it lasts 80 hours when you cut film labels, with 50 mic thickness.

There are two methods for cutting. First, sensing registration marks (also known as eye-mark or black mark) to start cutting. Second, without sensing any registration mark for cutting. The purpose of sensing registration mark is increase cutting accuracy, perform on the exactly desired position. Any-BLADE can sense one(1) to maximum four(4) registration marks, the more registration marks sensed, the higher cutting accuracy you get. In the second case, it usually applied for unprinted or blank media, mainly to produce pre-die-cut labels.

Any-BLADE has both laminating and slitting as default. In addition, you can use laminating films either with or without liner, as you need. Also, any-BLADE has 5 slitting knives(Max. 7 knives), so it can cut up to 6 divisions. You don’t need to separate the completed labels because there are two rewinding (taking up) devices.

The maximum roll diameter is 360mm. It means you can use 500meter length roll media. The maximum width of the roll is 350mm, and the maximum cutting area is 350mm x 450mm.

any-BLADE  on-demand in-line printing solution

  any-BLADE in-line printing system can be performed printing, laminating, die-cutting, removal of scrap papers and slitting simultaneously. Fine quality cutting is possible by using flat-bed engine.


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