any-CUT II On-demand digital laser cutting


Claimed to bring numerous benefits for customers including productivity, flexibility and stability, Anytron’s any-CUT II is built on the 150W laser engine. It is targeted at small- and mid-range segments and is suitable for label printers, print providers, brand owners, packaging companies, and commercial printers.


High-speed laser is used on laser-die cutting as the name suggests itself. This laser is employed to efficiently and accurately cut materials according to the client’s specifications and needs. Materials are cut into a variety of custom shapes so that they can be used for numerous applications. A high-efficiency laser die cutting services allows you to cut through complicated and detailed patterns which make them advantageous for smaller and more complex applications. Lasers have the ability to move in any direction and that is why, they can make cuts which other pressure cutters and standard saws cannot.

Enhancements available with the New any-CUT II on-demand laser die-cutting include:

Increased speed at 25m/min and representing up to a 250 percent increase, with most coated/uncoated papers, film and special media now able to be cut at full speed.You can easy to use in-line print&cut system. Any-CUT II has modular designed machine. So, your two step processes of making labels will be become one step process by using any-Link with any-CUT II.It gives you one-stop solution for lamination, scrap paper removal, and slitting, so just wait and pass the time until your labels done.

15,000 labels can be cut within one hour without any retooling. 

Without having to retool for cutting, 15,000 labels can be cut within one hour.


Time and cost can be reduced by performance that serves a triple purpose.

It gives you one-stop solution for lamination, scrap paper removal, and slitting, so just wait and pass the time until your labels done.


Production is possible without concerns about space.

any-CUT II does not require a large space. It can be installed in your office and cutting can be done whenever necessary.


Concerns over consumable costs such as the replacement of knife edges are no longer necessary.

In the case of analog die-cutter using dies,the abrasion of knife edges requires frequent replacements. However, any-CUT II does not incur such consumable replacement costs.


A customized modular designed solution

Your two step process of making labels will be become one step process by using any-Link with any-CUT II. Attach your own inkjet printer to any-CUT II and save your time and cost.


Various cutting functions can be performed simultaneously.

Full cut, half cut, perforation and marking can be produced with a single label cutting operation.


No expert is needed

No wasting time with setting up the media and machine. Set up the media within 5 minutes and spend more time with production of labels.


User friendly designed machine.

any-CUT II is ergonomically designed to minimize movement during operation, with all tasks placed within the reach of the operator.


Long labels can be cut automatically.
There is no limitation of a label length you can cut with the Split Cutting function.

Detailed view of any-CUT II


Max. Media width 250mm
Cutting area 225mmx225mm
Laser power 150W
Laser spot size Water – Cooled
Max. working speed 25M /min
Max. roll dia. 300mm
Straightness ±0.1mm
Slitter Yes
2nd rewinder Yes
Optional item Auto job changeover
any-Link (Synchronize system for in-line printer)

Have you imagined the 100% perfect digital in-line solution?

Our new modular designed any-CUT II realize 100% in-line printing.  Your two step process of making labels will be become one step process by using any-Link.



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